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Telling the Bees

telling the bees big big train

Words and music by David LongdonTelling The Bees is the 8th track from the album ‘Folklore’ by Big Big TrainTelling the Bees is the closing track on the album and is therefore the final episode in our series of blogs.I wrote the music first which was inspired by the title. I find having a title helps to set the […]

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winkie big big train pigeon song

Words and music by David LongdonWinkie is track 7 from the album ‘Folklore’ by Big Big TrainWinkie is the true story of a war hero.To me Winkie most certainly has a ‘from the makers of Judas Unrepentant’ vibe about it. I think it takes some of the ideas present in Judas and extends them. Just as Judas […]

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wassail big big train

Words and music by David LongdonWassail  is Track 6 from the album ‘Folklore’ by Big Big Train”Apple tree, old apple treeBountiful we raise a glass to thee”This track was first heard last summer as the title track of BBT’s Wassail e.p, which was released to herald the return of Big Big Train to the live stage. The e.p featured a […]

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big big train album image

Words and music by David LongdonFolklore is Track 1 from the album ‘Folklore’ by Big Big Train”Let us begin where it all began…”This is the first of eight blogs that will give background information about the songs on our new album. Folkore [the album and the track] starts off where most of our ancestral stories most likely began. Around the cracking […]

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The Return of the Blogs

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